The Best Celebrity Podcasts You’re Not Listening To

Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

Franzen on Franzia

Acclaimed author Jonathan Franzen blends high and low culture with this monthly podcast wherein he reviews boxed wines. Worth a listen? Wine not?

Talking Seachests with Ryan Seacrest

Hollywood personality and red-carpet extraordinaire, Ryan Seacrest dives deep into pirate lore and buried treasure on this, sometimes, educational podcast.

The Gene Hackman Holiday Hour

Famed actor, and novelist, Gene Hackman knows Christmas. This December only podcast details the thespian’s favorite holiday cookies, the season’s hottest toys, and the implications of listening to Bing Crosby.

Home Alone with Karl Malone

NBA Legend Karl Malone provides an in-depth analysis of all of Kevin McCallister’s pratfalls and pranks from the Home Alone films. It’s a podcast that the French wouldn’t dare call “les incompetents” because it’s too good!

A Sawyer Taste in My Mouth

Broadcasting legend Diane Sawyer doesn’t pull any punches on this weekly show detailing her ongoing feuds and run-ins. This podcast will have you asking yourself “Wasn’t she married to Mike Nichols?”

Come On In, The Water’s Fine with David Schwimmer

A podcast for young swimmers hosted by everyone’s favorite Friends character.

Hey, That’s Scary! With Mariah Carey

Each week singer/songwriter Mariah Carey reviews Giallo horror films.

Lucci and Tucci talk Gucci

Beloved actors Susan Lucci and Stanley Tucci analyze and critique the discography of rapper Gucci Mane. It’s never not uncomfortable!

Two Hoffs Don’t Make a Right

Tune in each week as famed actors Dustin Hoffman and David Hasselhoff discuss the proceedings of the Supreme Court. For better or worse, they’ve got opinions they’re eager to share.

Adam Dietz is a writer the host of the podcast "Home Impodcast." His work has been featured in McSweeney's, Slackjaw, and The Weekly Humorist.

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